HRVATSKI Canadiana

Welcome to Canadiana Ltd.

Our company was established January 29, 2014, with the aim of breathing some life into the stagnant Croatian economy through new and innovative commercial projects. Canadiana Ltd. is looking for business opportunities in a fairly diverse array of activities ranging from import/export, wholesale/retail and tourism through education, manufacturing and catering. Canadiana Ltd., as a Croatian limited liability company founded and run by Canadians living in Croatia, is able to tap into its knowledge of best business practices from Canada and apply them to the Croatian market, while remaining civic minded and giving back to the community.

Our first project is the La Crème Wellness Beauty Spa in Zagreb dedicated to healing and rejuvenating your body and soul. In keeping with the principles of Canadiana Ltd., the staff at La Crème features a unique mix of experienced wellness therapists and young professionals at the beginning of their business careers.

At Canadiana Ltd. we believe every tiny seed has the potential to grow into a tall and strong maple and that every good idea, no matter how seemingly minuscule, deserves a fighting chance to make it big.

If you have any business opportunities you would like to approach with Canadiana Ltd., feel free to contact us at